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Planning With A Terminal Illness

  • A Good Checklist To Use For Planning When Dealing With Terminal Illness

  • Check on a DNR document, if it has been signed. If patient is at home, fold the DNR document in a baggie affixed to the refrigerator where it is immediately accessible.

  • If a hospice worker is in attendance, make sure they know who to contact.

  • Discuss funeral arrangements and possible advance agreement.

  • For veterans, check veteran burial benefits. Find the original DD14.

  • Discuss the obituary. Get loved ones’ input.

  • Discuss pets or dependents and care arrangements. Check survivor benefit for disabled dependent.

  • Develop a list of who should be notified at death, by what means. Ask for family input.

  • Determine liquid assets, a trust or Will, and make sure there are sufficient liquid funds to pay final expenses.

  • Tax returns. Identity of CPA, if any. Locate recent tax returns.

  • Check tax form 1099s to ascertain liquid assets. Contact attorney if name is available.

  • Identify sources of income and inform family that Social Security will recapture the final check by a credit to the bank account. Check survivor benefits.

  • Ascertain any dependent health insurance coverage and whether coverage continues after death.

  • Check title to assets and beneficiary designations, and location of original Will.

  • Check insurance policies and locate them. This includes property insurance and life insurance.

  • Bills – utility bills, other regular bills, and homeowner association dues.

  • Check details of mail forwarding.

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